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What Does That Warning Light Mean? Auto Help Near Petaluma, CA

You’ve probably experienced the problem of seeing the dashboard or display by the steering wheel light up with warning lights. You should know that these are trying to indicate something important to you. The problem is that when the little red or yellow light on the dash goes on, you may not know what it means.

As you better recognize these warning indicators, you’ll avoid the temptation of dismissing the message. After all, putting off repairs or maintenance after seeing these could have disastrous consequences. You could find yourself stranded near Petaluma, CA, or far from home. Or, your car may not start the next time you get into it. You could even face safety issues if you don’t act soon and respond to that exclamation mark by the steering column.

Common Car Warning Lights

Many different warning lights could show up while you’re driving. They could also be orange lights telling you that your vehicle needs prompt attention. Here are the most common.

Check Engine: This is one of the most troubling lights you’ll see appear. It may be in the form of a “Check Engine” or have a little red or yellow icon of an engine. Either way, the engine light warrants a trip to the service department of a reputable auto shop. It typically means the engine system is having mechanical or electronic trouble. There could be a simple issue, such as a failing sensor. Or any other component could be faltering.

Brakes: The last thing you want is for the brakes in your car to go bad. This could compromise your safety and that of other people on the road. If this warning light comes on, the antilock brake system is no longer functioning correctly. You may also be experiencing a loss of brake fluid. In both cases, it is not smart to continue driving near Petaluma, CA, or anywhere else.

Power Steering: This fluid helps the task of steering become much easier. Without it, you may not even be able to turn the wheel when necessary. If the power steering fluid is low or empty, or if the power steering system is malfunctioning, the icon of a steering wheel with an exclamation point may appear.

Airbag Warning: If you see an image of a seated person facing a circle, it means that something is amiss with the airbags. You possibly could have deactivated them inadvertently. Or, it could mean that a sensor has gone out.

Battery: The picture of a battery as a warning indicator tells you that the battery power is running low. It’s time to get the battery checked at this point, so you don’t find yourself unable to start the car. The warning light could also mean that there is a loose connection somewhere.

Oil Pressure: When you see an oil can light up, it’s probably time to change the oil in your vehicle. The light may be red, which tells you the car doesn’t have enough oil pressure to continue operating safely.

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Never ignore these warnings. Reacting quickly by getting service can help you drive safely and get to your next destination without a breakdown. You can also avoid bigger, more expensive problems down the road. If you have further questions about the triangle shapes, red warnings, or other symbols in your vehicle, ask the professionals at Manly Buy Center in Santa Rosa, CA. Also, stop by here today if your car is having trouble as you drive near Petaluma, CA, or anywhere else.

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