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Professional Car Inspection Station Near Novato, CA

The team in the Manly Buy Center service department understands the stress that car troubles can cause. That’s why we do everything we can to prevent them. Our Novato, CA customers come to us for quality routine maintenance and repairs but also for the confidence and reassurance provided by a professional vehicle inspection.

Our skilled mechanics will assess your vehicle, checking for minor issues that can become major problems in the future. If we notice anything that should concern you, we’ll let you know so that we can take preventative measures.

Our service team technicians are experts at getting your car, truck, or SUV back up and running after a major issue. But we’d rather keep the issues from happening at all. So, schedule a vehicle inspection with us today.

What a Car Inspection near Novato, CA, Includes

Whether you’re planning a long trip out of town or just commuting to work near Novato, CA, a vehicle inspection can give you more confidence behind the wheel. Manly Buy Center will fully assess your vehicle to make sure it’s in tip-top condition and ready to perform.

Our inspection starts with an assessment of your tires. We check for tread wear and damage. Then we’ll move on to your brake system and make a visual assessment. We’ll check your headlights, turning signals, and windshield wipers as well. Under the hood, our team will check all of your fluids, making sure you aren’t in need of any replacements and topping off any that are running low.

If we notice anything that is cause for concern, we’ll let you know. If not, we’ll review your maintenance schedule with you and let you know when you should schedule your next appointment with us.

How to Schedule a Car Inspection near Novato, CA

If you’re ready to schedule a vehicle inspection with Manly Buy Center, call us anytime during regular business hours or book an appointment online. We look forward to serving you!

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