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Fluid Replacement Service in Santa Rosa, CA

Is it time for your vehicle’s fluids to be replaced? If you’re near Santa Rosa, CA and you need service fluid replacement you can trust the team at the Manly Buy Center service center. Our technicians will top off your fluids, change your oil, replace your transmission fluid, and more.

Making sure your car is functioning in tip-top conditions is our goal. That means making sure the fluids that maintain your vehicle’s performance match your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations. You can trust our team to provide you with fast, efficient, and accurate service fluid replacements, so make an appointment today.

Which Fluids Does My Vehicle Need?

Most types of fluid need to be maintained in all vehicles, but some fluids are specific to your vehicle based on its engine. For instance, diesel exhaust fluid is only needed in diesel engines. Below are the fluids that every vehicle needs.

  • Coolant or antifreeze keeps your engine cool in the summer and prevents it from freezing in the winter. Have it checked at least once a year.
  • Motor oil lubricates, protects, and cools your engine. It should be changed based on your manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Power steering fluid reduces the effort needed to turn the wheel of your car. Your vehicle should receive a power steering flush every 40,000 to 80,000 miles.
  • Transmission fluid maintains hydraulic pressure and makes sure the parts of your transmission can move smoothly. Transmission fluid levels should be checked periodically. You should change your transmission fluid every 60,000 to 100,000 miles.
  • Brake fluid maintains the hydraulic pressure of your vehicle’s brake lines. Without it, your brakes won’t have any stopping power. Most vehicles need a brake fluid flush every 2 years.
  • Washer fluid is used to break through dirt and grime to clean your windshield. Top off your washer fluid levels whenever they are low.

Schedule Service Fluid Replacement In Santa Rosa, CA

If you need any fluids in your vehicle replaced or topped off, schedule an appointment with the Manly Buy Center’s service center today.

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